Pajarinhovi Resort is located on the bank of the crystal clear Lake Pyhäjärvi, which is part of the Saimaa lake system. Rich fish resources contribute to a pleasant and exciting fishing experience – any time of the year. There are perch, roach, pike, vendace, pike perch, salmon, trout, and even grayling.

For the convenience of the anglers, there is a boat slipway in the territory of Pajarinhovi. Spinning and nets license can be purchased at the main building of the Resort. There you can also rent a motor boat or a row boat and buy fishing equipment and the bait you’d like to use. In addition, you can use the services of the fishing guide Erkki Väkeväinen, a two-time Finnish trolling champion. Fishing with him is a real pleasure, because he has never returned without a catch.

For the fans of ice fishing, we offer an exciting adventure – a trip on the lake on a snowmobile. Pyhäjärvi stretches from north to south and is 60 kilometers long. Different species of fish live in different parts of the lake. In the northern part of the lake Vam, you are most likely to catch a perch or burbot, and in the southern part of the lake, you will find pike, bream, roach, or salmon.

Welcome to an unforgettable trip on Lake Pyhäjärvi!

Finns take good care of the nature and its resources, so before going on a fishing trip, we recommend that you read the fishing rules in Finland. Fishing Act can be found here:

For diving fans, Lake Valkiajärvi, which is located a few kilometers from Pajarinhovi Resort, is a pleasant discovery. Valkiajärvi is one of the top five diving sites in Finland; visibility is up to 34 meters, and horizontal transparency is more than 10 meters.

Price list for services and rental of fishing equipment

  • Row boat rental (including life jackets): 30 € / day
  • Motor boat rental (including life jackets and a full tank of fuel): 80 € / day
  • Spinning rod rental: 10 € / day
  • Fishing rod rental: 5 € / day
  • Rental of a set for winter fishing (including icebreaker, backpack, 2 fishing rods, skimmer and bait) : 30 € / day
  • Icebreaker rental: 15 € / day
  • Snowmobile rental (including outfit and permission to use public snowmobile trails): 200 € / day

Price list for the fishing guide services

Summer fishing

Fishing takes place on the cozy Silver Star Capin Eagle 650 boat with a 150 hp motor. During the fishing tour, the safety rules on the water shall be observed. The boat is equipped with professional gear and the necessary equipment. The maximum number of participants is 5 people.


  • 3 hours: 360 €
  • 4 hours: 480 €
  • 6 hours: 600 €

Winter fishing


  • 3 hours 1-3 people: 220 €; 4-5 people: 270 €
  • 3 hours + hot lunch 1-3 people: 350 €; 4-5 people: 400 €
  • 3 hours (burbot) 1-3 people: 300 €; 4-5 people: 350 €
  • 3 hours (forest lake) 1-3 people: 220 €; 4-5 people: 250 €

The cost includes uniforms, tackles, bait, and icebreaker.