Ice fishing on Pyhäjärvi

Come see the scenery and check out the species of fish Pyhäjärvi has to offer!

The trip will start at 10 am, when we’ll put on fur coats and walk 400-50 meters to the Pyhäjärvi ice where we will settle down and start fishing. During the trip we will also check fish traps and other fish baits. During the trip you will also be able to enjoy a cup of coffee to warm yourself up. The duration of the trip is 2,5 hours.  The price is 25 euros from adults and 12 from children. The price includes:

  • The fur coat/overall
  • Ice fishing equipment
  • The coffee
  • Guiding


Instructions/how to fill:

  1. On the “subject”-box please type the name of the trip you are enrolling in (for example guided tour of the Kitee zoo).
  2. On the “message”-box please type the number of people that want to take part on the trip (for example 1 child and 1 adult).
  3. Please write the date you would like to go on the trip to the “message” box too.
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  5. If you have any questions, you can add them in the “message”-box. We will answer them as fast as we can.

This is not an automatic online-enrollment. Submit the form, and our receptionist will contact you as soon as possible after they are sure whether the trip is being arranged on the day you have chosen and if it has any free places left. Your enrollment is not obligatory before the confirmation of our receptionist. The given information will only be used to make the trip reservation.
In addition you can contact us via phone +358 207 425 770 and e-mail:


Cancellation terms:

Cancellation fee is 100% if the enrollment is cancelled a day before the beginning of the trip or later.